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Manufacturers of all types of Zinc alloys and your partner in complete recycling.
our ambition is
Valloys was established in 2010 by the family who has been in metal scrap business since 1960. Valloys is importing Non-Ferrous Metal Scraps like Zinc Scrap, Brass Scrap, Copper Scrap, Aluminium Scrap etc, from around the globe and suppliying it to manufacturers who recycle the scrap and be full service partner to them.
Anikesh Gupta


The Origin

The origin and inspiration of the comapny comes from Mr Anikesh Gupta who is the third generation of this family business. After Finishing his Masters degree in International business from University of Nottingham he enetered the business with a clear vision of establishing a sucessfull company. The founder is full of drive, optimism and has a vision for all the future possibilities. The imagination and the drive that inspires the founder is seen in all the hardworking employees of the company.



Quality assurance

we constantly make sure of quality assurance process in our company to ensure that our systems and procedures are aligned to our company values.

Our vision

To deliver growth, quality and interegity through our product.

Our Values

Quality - No compromise.
Integrity- Treat each other, our customers and our suppliers as we'd want to be treated.

Sustainability - always looking for new ways to build the business for tomorrow.